Let’s Begin for Pre A1 & A1 Young Learners

The Let’s Begin series and Student Book 1 serve as starting points for the Let’s Go series. Let’s Begin is tailored for students who have yet to receive formal English instruction, while Student Book 1 caters to those with some exposure to basic English vocabulary and letters. As students progress through subsequent levels, they encounter a gradual expansion and reinforcement of language and vocabulary.

Let’s Begin 1: for Pre A1 Young Learners

Let’s Begin 1 serves as a pre-reading level designed for young learners unfamiliar with formal English instruction. Here, students are introduced to capital and lowercase letters, as well as initial letter sounds. The focus lies on developing basic oral language skills through simple functional dialogues and question-answer patterns. Vocabulary acquisition occurs through two main avenues: reinforcing letter sounds from the Let’s Learn alphabet lesson, and exploring words related to specific topics covered in the Let’s Talk section. Language structures encompass fundamental concepts such as the present simple form of “to be”, singular and plural noun forms, action verbs (e.g., touch, run, walk, jump), and everyday expressions like greetings. Topics span numbers 1-10, colours, shapes, animals, toys, and body parts.

Let’s Begin 2: for A1 Young Learners

Let’s Begin 2 comprises eight units centred around thematic elements, each divided into four lessons with a review session after every two units. Lessons progressively build on previously acquired language skills while introducing new vocabulary and structures. Emphasis is placed on various aspects of language development, including functional fluency, grammatical accuracy, expansion of previously learned language, and the cultivation of reading skills through alphabet and phonemic sound introduction.