AI Assisted Idiom Course

Last updated: 2024 05 21

The AI Assisted Idiom Course may be in an ‘AI’ Zone or a ‘Vocabulary’ Zone.

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AI Assisted Idiom Course

Purpose: A self-study course to introduce learners to idioms.
Learning idiomatic expressions not only helps you speak more naturally but also teaches you about culture, how to communicate better, and expands your vocabulary. It makes English feel more real and helps you understand different ways people talk. Plus, it helps you connect with native speakers and understand English in all its different forms.

Description: Develop an AI-assisted course focusing on idioms to enhance students’ understanding of colloquial language. Develop an AI-assisted Idiom bot for students to practise idioms with.



Levels: B1-C2


Destination: Student Zone


Timeline: Launch between July – August

Check the Roadmap for updates.