Provision of Service

Updated: 2024 05 12

One World Learning or your Agent Will:

1. One World Learning or the Agent will define with the Student the number and schedules of classes suitable for the objectives of each group or individual Student and coordinate with One World Learning in the United Kingdom.

2. Payments to be made promptly to One World Learning or the Agent for One World Learning before the commencement of course or class.

3. One World Learning or the Agent will contact and coordinate directly with the teacher of your class to discuss your development and objectives for your future needs and requirements.

4. Students will be provided with online folders containing lesson material in PDF, audio or video (mp4) format. Homework tasks. Grammar review tasks and explanation. Regular Lesson feedback and Vocabulary record sheet.

5. One World Learning or the Agent will aid the Student with the selection of topics for development for each class.

6. It is recommended that you have the necessary equipment to support your study:

  • Computer: laptop or desktop with mouse when you are required to interact with the teaching software. [1]

  • Classes contain video and audio playback, so a stable and high-speed internet connection is recommended for attending online classes.

  • A webcam and microphone are essential for participating in virtual classes and discussions. Most computers come equipped with built in webcams and mics.

  • Headphones or earphones can help reduce background noise and provide a better audio experience during online classes.

  • Set up a dedicated and quiet study space where you can focus on your online classes without distractions.

  • Have digital or physical note-taking tools ready. This could be a notebook, digital note-taking app, or any other method you find effective.


1. All your classes will be recorded for review and available from your folder to view from your computer or phone.

2. Class recordings will be available from students’ folders for a month then removed to preserve space.

3. It is highly recommended that cameras are on during the class so that the teacher is able to understand from facial expressions whether a student fully understands or not. The teacher needs to see the mouth when helping with pronunciation. The teacher is not always able to understand who is speaking when there is no camera. The teacher may insist that cameras be used. [2]

4. Classes will be held using the Zoom platform.

5. Students will be required to download the Telegram app on their phones and computers to accept the class-session invitation and to communicate with the teacher outside of class times.

6. The teacher will use Telegram to notify you of any additions to your study folder and the Student may send any tasks to the teacher via Telegram or the student’s folder.

7. One World Learning uses pCloud cloud hosting to host student folders. A phone app is available for students to view files on their smart phones.

8. Your class will start at the agreed time.

9. You will be notified as soon as possible if the teacher needs to reschedule.

  • 9a. Regarding Private and Group classes: Classes will be rescheduled to suit the class members and the teacher’s schedule.

  • 9b. Regarding Private and Group classes: Classes that cannot be rescheduled will be refunded.

10. Regarding Private and Group classes: Please give 48-hour notice if you are unable to attend a class. [3]

11. Regarding Private classes and Group classes: If no notice is given no refund can be given. The teacher has prepared and made time to give classes, so will be paid.

12.* Regarding Group classes: If an individual member of a group is unable to take a class, no refund can be given, and classes cannot be retaken. Recordings of the lessons are available for review. However, a class can be retaken by an individual member when taken as a Private lesson. The difference between the Group lesson price and Private lesson price shall be added to the following invoice.

13. If a break from classes is desired, we cannot guarantee the availability of your preferred timeslot on return unless it has been reserved and paid for in advance.

14. Classes will start at the agreed time, however, if there is a delay you will be informed via Telegram messaging service. If you think you will be late for class, please inform your teacher directly using a messenger service as soon as possible. [4]


  • a. Invoices containing a direct bank link or QR code will be sent, and you can make payment directly from your phone or PC.

  • b. A Transfer Charge of 5% for each transaction may have to be added to cover transfer costs. One World Learning and Agents of One World Learning will inform you of any hidden costs before you commit to any payment.

  • c. Payment in full must be made before taking classes.

  • d. Should you make a payment and later regret the payment before taking a lesson, One World Learning or Agents will refund you in full.

  • e. Classes may be suspended if payment becomes overdue.

  • f. Payments can be made monthly, for a set number of lessons, or as agreed before commencement of classes. [5]

  • g. One World Learning use ‘Square’ for invoicing and collection.

  • h. An invoice will be prepared and sent via email for payment. Payment can be made using a QR code or link. Payment can be made with local currency which is automatically converted to pounds.

  • There is an annual price rise in January of each year of, on average, 4% to all class fees. This is the general rate of the rise of inflation. [6]

  • [1] Classes can be taken using a phone or touch-screen tablet, but you will be unable to interact with the teaching software.

  • [2] If, for religious reasons, you do not wish your image to be recorded, please inform your teacher or agent, however, having the camera off may have a negative impact on your learning.

  • [3] Should you be unable to take a class at your agreed time and have not informed your agent or teacher within 48 hours, you will remain liable for the class fee. Emergencies do occur and we understand that you may need to cancel at short notice; if this is the case, we will consider each case. Private classes will be rescheduled.

  • [4] If the class has started and a student is more than 5 minutes late (for 60-minute classes) or 15 minutes late (for 90-minute classes) without prior notice, the teacher may refuse to allow the student to join the class if the teacher believes that by allowing the student to join will disrupt the class.

  • [5] If you pay monthly, One World Learning or Agents may take bookings for any time slot that has not been pre-booked and paid for.

  • [6]  Price rises may vary from year-to-year.

*We understand that things go wrong: computers crash, Internet connections are not always strong, and often life gets complicated! We will try our best to recover any missed classes wherever possible.