One World LearningDirect to YouOnline English Lessons
- General English classes are available from A1 Beginners
to C2 Masters.
One World Learning offers a variety of online lessons to
choose from:
- Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers test preparation
for children.
- Exam classes for the Cambridge Schools & adults exam.- Young Learner classes for children just starting to learn
- IELTS preparation for either the Academic or General exam.- Language Boost for additional classes to focus on your
Grammar, Pronunciation, Listening Speaking, Writing &
Reading skills.
"My experience with online classes was really unexpectedly
massive, my classmates and I were able to learn and participate
at the same time and in a positive way. Also, I've gained a lot of
new friends throughout the classes. In terms of language, we
have many benefits from vocabularies to grammar. I can't
express how much I thank the teachers for what they have
offered us and have been patient with us throughout the online
learning experience." Fayi – Saudi Arabia
All classes are recorded and uploaded to your secure online
folder. You can then view or download to review your lessons
anytime, anywhere from your preferred device.
"Thank you for teaching the class every day. It is a good point to
learn points of detail of grammar. The conversation class is also
fun and helps me increase my vocabulary. I like the fact that I
can review the videos and texts. When I can't answer the
homework question, and advice is appropriate and excellent."
Chiemi – Japan
"I am Laura and I come from Italy. During the 2020 lockdown Mark
and classmates from the school I attended proposed to the students
to join to follow online lessons. It was the first time I have had
experience in online lessons and at first I was a little apprehensive,
but then the lessons developed as if we were in a real class with a
good atmosphere where each student could participate answer or
ask. I must honestly say that I really appreciate this kind of lesson
initiative very much also because they turned out to be well done
and really useful. After this positive experience, I would like to
continue the lessons online in the hope that I will return to England."
Laura – Italy
"I had the opportunity to take online classes with OWL, and honestly
my first thought was that it would not be the same as a normal class.
However, it has been practical, intuitive, fun and very productive.
Everyone has the opportunity to participate and ask any questions.
Overall, my experience was fantastic, that's why I would highly
recommend it." Cesar – Peru
One World Learning offers live online lessons direct to your preferred device by qualified English language teachers.How itworks...your online classes
are recorded so you
can review them
your files can be
downloaded to you
device whenever
you want...
all audio, video and
documents used in
class are uploaded
to your folder...
...or your files can
be viewed and
played online from
PC or phone.
all your class material
is saved in your own
private folder in a
secure cloud...

At One World Learning, we provide high-quality online English language courses and resources tailored to learners of all ages and proficiency levels. Our classes cater to private students for personalized English classes, semi-private groups, and small groups of up to four individuals, ensuring ample speaking time for everyone.

With classes running for 90 minutes, we prioritize effective learning by dedicating time at the beginning to review previous concepts and homework, and at the end to address questions and assign tasks. Our curriculum includes General English courses spanning Starter for beginners to Advanced Plus levels, focusing on comprehensive skill development using interactive coursebooks featuring real-life English content.

In addition to General English, we offer Exam English courses preparing students for various Cambridge English exams, from Starters to Proficiency levels as well as IELTS training and practice tests. For young learners, we have specialized courses designed to make language learning enjoyable and engaging. Our online English lessons for youngsters can be either 1 hour or 90 minutes as children often have a shorter attention span.

Furthermore, our Language Boost modules target specific language skills, including Grammar, Pronunciation, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, and Reading, providing additional practice and support. Join us at One World Learning to embark on your English language journey with confidence!

General English | One World Learning uses Speakout Active Teach Coursebooks which are digital versions of the classroom books and are fully interactive. The award-winning course invites the student to discover English as it is really spoken. The course builds up all the skills and knowledge you need to express yourself confidently in a real English-speaking environment. The course includes BBC content and additional podcasts.

One World Learning will provide you with any additional learning materials including audio/video extracts and practice tests.

Classes are recorded and will be loaded into your student folder for you to review.

Exam English | One World Learning offer exam preparation for the Cambridge English exams for adults, and schools. We also provide IELTS preparation for students preparing for university. Unlike most other schools, we offer IELTS foundation courses for students at A2 and B1 level.

One World Learning will provide you with all the learning materials including additional audio/video extracts and practice tests.

One World Learning recommends the official preparation for the Cambridge English exam from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.

We supplement the course with a variety of material and students will be given copies for review.

Young Learners | It is important for your child to start learning English from a young age to become accurate and fluent with good pronunciation. Schools generally start English classes from seven years old but it is generally accepted that to be accent-free, children need to be a competent language user by the age of ten.

One World Learning uses Let’s series from Oxford University Press. Known worldwide Let’s Begin and Let’s Go offer lively, motivating activities and plenty of opportunities for students to practise using the language they have learned.

The Let’s Go series is aligned to the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers exams.

Booster lessons | Booster lessons are additional classes that can be taken anytime and provide tailored support for learners preparing for specific exams or aiming to improve their English skills in daily life. This targeted approach helps students focus on their unique needs and achieve their language goals more efficiently. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to excel in English exams or simply become more proficient in all areas of English.

Booster lessons focus on Grammar, Pronunciation, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing and can be suited to the needs of the General English learner or Exam candidate.