Students who have studied with us online had these kind words to say:

I have done these courses for around 4 months now. I find them extremely interesting and informative. The material is fun and exciting as well as being useful for me. It’s great to meet everyone else from around the world and get to know them. It’s always a friendly and positive environment to be in, talking to everyone about the work. The combination of theory and practical lessons makes the lessons more active and intriguing. I really enjoy this course and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more English and meeting new people.Lyudmyla – Ukraine

Thank you Lyuda. You have been a great student to have in the classes and you are not afraid to ask questions. I like that! -Mark

Thank you Ludya. We are happy to have your contributions in class. Great to know you like the balance of lesson types, the positive experience and the global, friendly climate. – Gabriel

This hard time of C19 for all of us have been put us at home, cutting our plans, changing suddenly our whole world and it did this also putting our lives in danger of death, which also carries a high emotional cost; in this time Mark, Katherine, Liz and Gabriel are excellent English teachers, has given us a tremendous surprise to invite us to take English classes online with them, they offered us a high level and quality of their teachings, with variety of schedules and an excellent native English level, they have given us a reason to do not stop in our personal – cultural – educational development, also collaterally helping our emotionally by redirecting our attention and anxiety to the positive, thanks Mark, Liz , Katherine and Gabriel!! Is an excellent example of being in the vanguard of being resilient and offering the added value of your work, EXCELLENT WORK!!Miranda – Peru

Thank you Miranda we are glad that you have found the courses to have been beneficial to you. We valued the time all students gave us while we improved the online method of delivering classes to all the students. – Mark

Each session is 40 minutes long, so we’ll stay focused and it’s easy to join, even on school days.
It’s a great stimulus to study because we have a lot of students from different countries. Moreover, the teachers and students are friendly, so it’s easy to voice my opinion.
Saki – Japan

Thank you Saki. By breaking the class into forty-minute sessions we are able to send you the next stage of the lesson through Whatsapp and give you a little break! – Mark

“My experience with the online classes was really unexpectedly massive, me and my classmates were able to learn and participate in the same time and positively. Moreover, I have gained lots of new friends throughout the classes. In term of language, we’ve got a lot of benefits from the vocabularies to the grammar. I cannot express how am I grateful for the teachers for what they’ve offered us and been patient with us along the online learning experience.” Fayi – K.S.A.

Your comments are welcomed Fayi. I was surprised to find that, although not exactly the same as teaching in the classroom, we are still able to create a fun learning atmosphere for all our students. I have enjoyed it! – Mark

“The online teaching lessons with Mark, Liz and Katherine are amazing. I enjoy each of the online classes, they make the lessons very entertaining, funny and of course, I learn a lot especially in the IELTS lessons, that help a lot for my test.
Additionally, it is wonderful that we meet people around the world and listen different accents. They make this experience really enjoyable.”
Alejandra – Colombia

Thank you Alejandra. If you need any extra IELTS classes, just let us know. – Mark

Thank you for teaching the class every day.
It’s a good point to learn detail points of grammar.
Conversation class is also fun and help me to increase my vocabulary.
I like fact that I can review the videos and texts.
When I can’t answer the question, Mark’s advice is appropriate and excellent.
Chiemi – Japan

Thank you for your feedback, Chiemi. Your vocabulary has improved over the months. – Mark

I’m 13 years old Italian student and during the lockdown I took online English classes. I never took a remote training before but I will highly recommend this type of training.
Mark, the teacher, was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the one-on-one class interaction was very good.
I would definitely continue online lessons next September ” Gabriele (15) – Italy

I hope to see you after the summer holidays. Thank you for your feedback Gabriele. – Mark

“I really like the lessons. They are interesting and with the help of them I get a lot of new knowledge. They are more fun and more comfortable than at school. I advise everyone to attend these lessons and learn more and more new things!” Kate (12) – Ukraine

Thank you for your review, Kate. As I mentioned in your monthly report (not available to adults!) I am very impressed with how well you have interacted with the older students. In a normal classroom, you would not be able to mix. Strangely, one advantage to online teaching is that teachers have more control! – Mark

I had the opportunity to take online classes with teacher Mark and Gabriel, honestly my first thought was it wouldn’t be the same than a normal class. However, it has been practical, intuitive, fun and very productive. Everyone has the chance to participate and ask any doubts, besides you still have the chance to meet new people which I believe it’s important as well. Overall my experience was fantastic that’s why I highly recommend it.Cesar – Peru

Thank you Cesar for your comments. As I mentioned to Fayi (above) I have been pleasantly surprised by how much we have been able to keep the classroom atmosphere. I have to thank the other teachers for their good work in making it an enjoyable experience for students. – Mark

Thanks Cesar. We are happy to hear it as we always aim to provide an enjoyable experience for students. Always happy to have your participation in our lessons, and we are glad that our students have helped us keep a classroom atmosphere. – Gabriel

I’m Laura and come from Italy, during the lockdown Mark and other colleagues, of the school that I attended last year, have proposed to the students to join together to follow online lessons.
it’s the first time that I’ve had online lessons experience and at first, I was a little apprehensive, but then the lessons took place as if we were in a real class with a good atmosphere where each student could participate: answering or questioning;
I must honestly say that I really appreciate a lot this kind of initiative of online lessons also because they proved to be well made and really useful;
after this positive experience, I’d like to continue online lessons hoping in the next summer to return to England.
Laura – Italy

Thank you Laura for being such an inspiration for many of the other (younger/weaker) students. Our aim is to offer real classes that teach you what you want and what you need. Until real face-to-face classes in England are possible, we will try to replicate classes as best as possible. – Mark

My name is Ibrahim and I enjoyed the online lessons during the Lockdown and learnt a lot of things like grammar, The IELTS classes were so helpful. Extremely recommendedIbrahim – K.S.A.

Thanks Ibra. It’s nice to know the lessons have been helpful for you to develop, practice and prepare for IELTS. Your inquisitive nature is always appreciated by your teachers and fellow students. – Gabriel

The online classes are very helpful, specially for oversea students as they can make new relationships with others from all over the world!
Improving my English skills is one of the important points I want to mention as well…
Loai – Israel