Precios para Peru


Provision of Services

A. One World Learning or your Agent Will:

  1. One World Learning or the Agent will define with the Student the number and schedules of classes suitable for the objectives of each group or individual Student and coordinate with One World Learning in the United Kingdom.
  2. Payments to be made promptly to One World Learning or the Agent for One World Learning.
  3. One World Learning or the Agent will contact and coordinate directly with the teacher of your class to discuss your development and objectives for your future needs and requirements.
  4. Students will be provided with online folders containing lesson material in PDF, audio or video (mp4) format. Homework tasks. Grammar review tasks and explanation. Regular Lesson feedback and Vocabulary record sheet.
  5. One World Learning or the Agent will aid the Student with the selection of topics for development for each class and submit for registration on the virtual Calendar.
  6. It is recommended to have the necessary equipment that will support your study:
  • Computer*: laptop or desktop with mouse when you are required to interact with the teaching software.
  • A printer to print off copies prior to the class or to complete homework tasks.

*Classes can be taken using a phone or touch screen tablet but you will be unable to interact with the teaching software.

B. Your Classes

  1. All your classes will be recorded for review and available from your folder to view from your computer or phone.
  2. Should you not wish to be recorded, please ensure your camera is off. You will be give the choice before you join each class.
  3. Classes will be held using the Zoom platform.
  4. Students will be required to download the Whatsapp app on their phones and computers to accept the class-session invitation and to communicate with the teacher outside of class times.
  5. The teacher will use Whatsapp to notify you of any additions to your study folder and the Student will send any tasks to the teacher via Whatsapp or the student’s folder.
  6. One World Learning uses pCloud to house student folders. A phone app is available for students to view files on their smart phones.
  7. Should a student be absent from a group class, we will be unable to offer a replacement.
  8. Should a student be absent from a private class, we will will reschedule the class to a suitable time for both the teacher and student.
  9. Should a teacher cancel a class, the class will be rescheduled.

C. Payment

One World Learning will endeavour to find the cheapest method of payment available. One World Learning recommends Squareup and Western Union International charges may differ from country to country.

  • Squareup is currently being used for invoicing.
  • A Transfer Charge of between 2% and 5% for each transaction may have to be added to cover transfer costs. One World Learning and Agents of One World Learning will inform you of any hidden costs before you commit to any payment.
  • Should you make a payment and later regret the payment before taking a lesson One World Learning and Agents will refund you in full.