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1 Learning and revising have a routine, revision, say the word aloud

2 Keeping a vocabulary notebook record, the most important thing is …

3 Using a dictionary look up a word, guess the meaning

4 English language words uncountable noun, prefix, main stress

5 Problems with pronunciation rough, through, island, necessary

6 Classroom language board pen, share a book, swap places

Word formation

7 Prefixes un-, in-, im-, dis-

8 Noun suffixes went, -ity, -ness, -tion

9 Adjective suffixes -tion, -ity, -ness, -ment

10 Zero affixation to stay / a stay; a look / to look

11 Compound nouns alarm clock; credit card; baby-sitter

12 Compound adjectives easy-going, good-looking, well-paid

Phrase building

13 Collocation (word partners) a strong accent, miss the bus

14 Verb or adjective + preposition listen (to), keen (on), good (at)

15 Preposition + noun on holiday, by mistake, on TV

16 Phrasal verbs: form and meaning lie down, get over sth., take off

17 Phrasal verbs: grammar and style put on, get by, make sth. up

18 Idioms and fixed expressions never mind, take a short cut, What’s up?

19 Make, do, have, take make progress, do homework, have a rest

20 Give, keep, break, catch, see keep a record, break the law, catch a bus

21 Get: uses and expressions get a job, get married, get up

22 Go: uses and expressions go deaf, go for a drink, have a go

23 Apologies, excuses and thanks sorry I’m late, I got held up, thanks a lot

24 Requests, invitations and suggestions could you …?, I’d love to, how about …?

25 Opinions, agreeing and disagreeing what do you think of …? personally, according to

26 Specific situations and special occasions hi, good luck, nice to meet you, happy birthday

Parts of speech (special problems)

27 Uncountable nouns and plural nouns information (U), trousers (pl)

28 Verbs + -ing form or infinitive enjoy, can’t stand, refuse

29 Verb patterns verb + object, verb + ‘that’ clause

30 Adjectives big vs. huge, boring vs. bored

31 Prepositions: place on the table, next to the church

32 Adverbs: frequency and degree hardly ever, quite, almost

Connecting and linking

33 Time and sequence when, while, after, first of all, finally

34 Addition and contrast in addition, although, in spite of

35 Similarities, differences and conditions similar to, compared with/to, unless

36 Reason, purpose and result as, so, because (of), as a result

Topics: The world around us

37 The physical world oceans, mountains, deserts, hurricane

38 Weather showers, cloudy, fog, pour with rain

39 Using the land plants, agriculture, mining, gold

40 Animals and insects lion, wild, spider, rabbit

41 Countries, nationalities and language Sweden, Swiss, Arabic

Topics: People

42 The body and what it does bend your knees, bite your nails

43 Describing people’s appearance tall and blond with broad shoulders

44 Describing character shy, friendly, unpleasant

45 Human feelings and actions pride, jealous (of), stare, whisper

46 Family and friends niece, relatives, surname, best friend

47 Ages and stages teenager, grow up, adult, pregnant

Topics: Daily Life

48 Daily routines get up, leave home, go to sleep

49 Homes and buildings flat, on the ground floor, roof

50 Around the home 1 lounge, on the sofa, food mixer

51 Around the home 2 washbasin, tidy, hoover, polish

52 Everyday problems it’s not working, drop, break

53 Money coins, borrow, I can’t afford it

54 Health: illness and disease flu, sore throat, sneezing

55 Health: injuries twist my ankle, bleeding, bruise

56 Clothes shirt, trousers, take off, get dressed

57 Shops and shopping chemist, shop assistant, I’m being served

58 Food carrot, peach, lamb

59 Cooking and restaurants fry, salty, main course, book a table

60 Town and country suburbs, noisy, fields

61 On the road turn left, traffic lights, accident

62 Transport coach, bus stop, platform, get off


63 Work: duties, conditions and pay What do you do?, salary, do overtime

64 Jobs dentist, lawyer, plumber

65 The career ladder be promoted, resign, unemployed

66 In the office and in the factory show sb. around, assembly line, goods

67 Business and finance turnover, make a profit, rise and fall

68 Sales and marketing market share, competitors, image

Leisure and entertain-ment

69 Hobbies photography, play cards, spare time

70 Sport 1: games, people and places tennis court, racket, goal, referee

71 Sport 2: winning, losing and scoring win, draw, latest score, half-time

72 Cinema and theatre audience, actor, a thriller

73 Music, art and literature orchestra, composer, painting, novelist

Communica-tion and technology

74 Newspapers journalist, headline, article

75 Television programme, turn on, soap opera

76 On the phone engaged, operator, Is that …?

77 Computers and the Internet screen, software, save, data

Social concerns

78 Education: school primary school, subject, term

79 Education: university do a degree, do research, lecture

80 Law and order court, trial, arrest, guilty

81 Crime murder, commit a crime, steal

82 Politics political party, democracy, elect

83 Bureaucracy fill in a form, driving licence, signature

84 War and peace peace talks, attack, terrorism, invade

85 Pollution and the environment protect, destroy, recycle, waste


86 Air travel flight, take off, passport control

87 Hotels bill, single room, book, in advance

88 A sightseeing holiday guidebook, castle, souvenir, take photos

89 On the beach and in the country sand, sunbathe, hiking, picnic

Notional concepts

90 Time for ages, at, on , during, last, recently

91 Numbers two and a half, divide, nought point six

92 Distance and dimension is it far? a long way, deep, width

93 Shapes, colours and patterns round, square, pattern, grey, greenish

94 Partitives piece of cake, group of people

95 The senses smells fresh, tastes like …, see vs. watch

Varieties of English

96 Notices and warnings mind your head, beware of pickpockets

97 Vague language sort of …, things, stuff

98 American English sidewalk, vacation, elevator

99 Formal and informal English purchase/buy, children/kids

100 Abbreviations and abbreviated words MP, UN, VAT, phone, bike, fridge

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