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Learning about collocations

1 Introducing collocations

2 Strong, fixed and weak collocations

3 Grammatical categories of collocation

4 Using your dictionary and other resources

5 Finding and working on collocations in texts

6 Register

Varieties of collocations

7 Metaphor foot the bill, heavy burden, run into trouble

8 Intensifying and softening adverbs deeply offensive, spotlessly clean, wildly inaccurate

9 Make and verbs that mean make make a contribution, make a habit of, turn in a profit

10 Communicating generally speaking, talk business, get a message across

11 Collocations with phrasal verbs take up office, work up an appetite, see off an intruder

Topics: work and study

12 Working life make a living, take up a post, move up the ladder

13 New employment fit the job description, land a new job, menial tasks

14 Thoughts and ideas bear in mind, widespread belief, jump to conclusions

15 Business reports fierce competition, stimulate growth, hike in prices

16 Customer services fit for purpose, kick up a fuss, grounds for complaint

17 Student life gifted child, mature student, thirst for knowledge

18 Writing essays, assignments and reports working hypothesis, confront issues, critical analysis

Topics: leisure and lifestyle

19 Social life call for a celebration, social whirl, play host to

20 Talking juicy gossip, broach the subject, opening gambit

21 News declare independence, reach agreement, bow to pressure

22 Current affairs refuse point-blank, decline to comment, gauge reaction

23 Festivals and celebrations date back to, movable feast, propose a toast

24 Advertisements and fashion set the trend, fashion victim, flawless complexion

25 Traffic and driving lengthy delays, grind the gears, bear left

26 Travel and adventure get itchy feet, off the beaten track, leg of the journey

27 Sport keep in shape, reach fever pitch, score an own goal

28 Plans and decisions toy with an idea, tentative suggestion, deciding factor

29 Film and book reviews star-studded cast, glowing reviews, hold one’s attention

Topics: the modern world

30 Regulations and authority minimise danger, grant permission, faceless bureaucrats

31 The environment dump waste, searing heat, offset carbon emissions

32 Town and country life back of beyond, rural idyll, urban regeneration

33 Personal finance clear one’s debts, agreed credit limit, identity theft

34 The economy curb inflation, safeguard one’s interests, plummeting profits

35 Social issues antisocial behaviour, dysfunctional family, unfit for human habitation

36 Science and technology harness technology, cutting edge design, wireless hotspots

37 Health and medicine build up resistance, adverse reaction, shake off a cold

38 Criminal justice custodial sentences, beyond reasonable doubt, trumped-up charges

39 War and peace deploy troops, pre-emptive strike, collateral damage

Topics: people

40 Friendship lifelong friends, platonic relationship, heal the rift

41 Youth and age child prodigy, go through a midlife crisis, senior moment

42 Celebrities and heroes go into rehab, kiss and tell, heap praise on

43 Criticising people bone idle, poison the atmosphere, nasty piece of work

44 References act as a referee, accumulate experience, financial acumen

45 Appearance and personality boundless energy, stubborn streak, act one’s age

Basic concepts

46 Time and space cramped conditions, waste of space, go down in history

47 Sound husky voice, incessant noise, let out a cry

48 Making things easier viable options, simplicity itself, take the easy way out

49 Difficulty severe blow, hinder progress, encounter difficulties

50 Quantity and size finite number, endless supply, unknown quantity

51 Change sweeping changes, would make a change, sudden shift


52 Stopping and starting bring a halt to, close off a street, dispel rumours

53 Cause and effect root cause, provoke an outcry, dire consequences

54 Describing groups and amounts swarm of bees, flurry of activity, stroke of genius

55 Comparing and contrasting bear little resemblance to, polar opposites, draw a comparison between

56 Making an effort give it one’s best shot, abortive attempt, worth a try

57 Social English not lose any sleep, to be brutally honest, be on the go

58 Discussing issues make a commitment, give a straight answer, miss the point

59 Negative situations and feelings nasty shock, take exception to, suffer at the hands of

60 Positive situations and feelings sense of achievement, state of euphoria, derive pleasure from

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