News Today: Discussions, Reading and Listening

News stories for listening, reading and speaking practice. Choose from any of the headlines from this year.

Regularly updated lessons on news topics that you may have heard at home, but available in English at various levels.

News Headlines from 2020


A zeptosecond – the shortest unit of time ever measured
Thai protests continue despite state of emergency
Lonely Plant guidebook lists 500 must-see places
Tech stocks lead 300-point rise on Dow Jones Index
World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize
English language test suggested for Australia visa
Tasmanian devils reintroduced into mainland Australia
Dry weather affecting autumn leaves colours
Caribbean islands offers ‘digital nomad’ work visa


Two-fifths of world’s plants at risk of extinction
Armenia and Azerbaijan fight over Nagorno-Karabakh
Bomb-detecting rat wins medal for bravery
Water seller becomes China’s richest man
Airbus unveils plans for zero-emission planes
Afghan mothers’ names allowed on birth certificates
Thai parks mail litter back to tourists
Photo of Andromeda Galaxy wins astronomy prize
Mining CEO quits after destruction of ancient caves
Pringles unveils new recyclable paper packaging
Delivery of COVID vaccine needs 8,000 jumbo jets
Pope says gossiping is ‘worse than COVID’
52% of young adults in US live with parents
Bodybuilder delivery helps sushi business in Japan
R&B singer Akon to build futuristic city
India and Russia share chess gold medal after Internet fails


Brain-hacking chip could give us superpowers
Black wind-turbine blade cuts bird deaths
Young people say full stop is intimidating
750 million genetically modified mosquitoes to be released
It snowed chocolate in a Swiss town
Transparent toilets are the place to go in Tokyo
UK government U-turns over exam results fiasco
China launches ‘Clean Plate’ food waste campaign
Israel and UAE reach historic peace deal
Bus-sized crocodiles once roamed the Earth
World leaders hold aid summit to help Beirut
Scientists discover why shaving blunts razors
Panda conservation drive harms other mammals
Microsoft could buy TikTok next month
Three charged in high-profile Twitter hack
Australia hotel bans emus for bad behaviour


Scaled-down Hajj takes place in Mecca
Gorilla Glass toughest ever smartphone screen
Man proposes beneath once-in-6,800-year comet
Basic income for poor could slow COVID-19 spread
UAE’s historic mission to Mars underway
Scientists attach a camera to a beetle
Ethiopia’s River Nile dam upsets Egypt
French health workers get $9 billion pay rise
11-year-old’s ballet video goes viral
Origin of our teeth dates back 400 million years
Man spent five years too long in prison
Huge financial rescue package for UK arts
Scientists change how we calculate dog years
Red light could help improve vision in old age
Stop Hate for Profit campaign suspends social media ads


Egypt jails famous belly dancer for immorality
Heaviest ever sumo wrestler gives diet advice
Arctic Circle sees highest-ever temperatures
Air bridges open to allow more people to travel
Climate crisis threatens future of global sport
Man fined $560 for farting at police
Free rice ATMs installed on Vietnam’s streets
Three baby ducks hatch from supermarket eggs
UK economy shrinks by 25 per cent
Statue of Belgian King taken down after protests
China and India agree to peace over border
Black Lives Matter protests take place worldwide
Scientists discover the world’s cleanest air
The Ford Mustang Mach 1 car is back
African Union condemns killing of George Floyd


No screaming in Japanese amusement parks
Cuckoo completes epic 12,000km migration
Woman wins $1 million Picasso in charity raffle
Car rental group Hertz files for bankruptcy
Crucible – Amazon’s first major PC game released
UK colleges told to be truthful about online lessons
Bored penguins visit art museum
How Venus fly traps developed a liking for meat
Twitter employees can work at home forever
Saudi Arabia to triple VAT to support economy
Over 19,000 pieces of stolen artwork found
Scientists say cold air rises
Giant hornets reach North America
Game of Thrones star smashes weightlifting record
Aquarium asks people to video-call lonely eels
Sahara was most dangerous place in Earth’s history


Google Meet video conferencing platform improved
Doctors warn against disinfectant as coronavirus cure
New Netflix subscribers surge during pandemic
New York allows online lockdown weddings
People want a different life after lockdown
99-year-old man raises $25 million for health service
50,000-year-old piece of string found
U.K. leader thanks nurses for saving his life
1991 was the best year for music
Paris bans daytime exercise
COVID-19 could cut wildlife trade
Manga exhibition is British Museum’s biggest show
U.S. to encourage use of face masks
Computer translates brainwaves into sentences
Astronaut pee could help build moon bases


Scientists find out why dogs’ noses are cold
Italy mayors scold people not following lockdown
Numbers of black rhino on the rise
WHO says young people also at risk from COVID-19
Canadians start ‘caremongering’ trend
The end of New York’s pay phones
Louis Vuitton to make emergency hand sanitiser
Coronavirus puts 50 million tourism jobs at risk
Sports events cancelled, COVID-19 fears over Olympics
Amazon starts selling cashier-less technology
Panic buying sparks toilet paper shortages
Men start washing hands because of coronavirus
Half of world’s beaches could disappear by 2100
Parents angry as COVID-19 shuts schools for a month
George Clooney ‘saddened’ over child labour links


Microsoft Flight Simulator includes all world airports
Japan to start selling sliced mayonnaise
London St Pancras best railway station in Europe
Big breakfasts help us burn double the calories
Illegal teeth whitening could damage health
Scientists start huge search for ET
New York City bans cashless stores
Brazil sends security force to fight deforestation
Mass wedding goes ahead in Korea despite coronavirus
Finland gives parents 7-month parental leave
Worst locust invasion in East Africa in 70 years
Soybean products may help you live longer
Critics unimpressed by U.S. Space Force uniform
Oxford comma missing from Brexit coin


Pasta is now a vegetable in U.S. schools
Astronauts bake first ever cookies in space
Stress really does turn your hair grey
China coronavirus heightens global alarm
China plans to reduce single-use plastics
One in five deaths worldwide due to sepsis
Denmark is the best country to raise kids
Japan tycoon needs ‘life partner’ for moon visit
Brake pads could harm our immune system
Prince Harry to leave UK to live in Canada
Sadio Mane named African footballer of the year
Iran promises revenge after assassination of Soleimani
Japan looking at escape of ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn
Breast cancer tests better with Google Health AI
The 2020s are here – Happy New Decade