Let’s Go A2 Flyers

OWL uses the Let’s Go series for A2 Flyers

Let’s Go 5th Edition brings the classroom to life and inspires students to get speaking in English. In 2017, 79% of teachers said they trusted the Let’s Go methodology to help their students improve their communication in English. With the same proven methodology and syllabus as the 4th Edition, the 5th Edition offers exciting new features to better support classes.

Animated videos create excitement and motivate students to speak in English. 80% of teachers agreed that the animated conversation and chant videos were engaging, visually appealing, and model functional language in a real-life context.

Let’s Begin introductory mini-series provides the building blocks for learning English.

Can-do statement activities in every lesson allow teachers to track students’ progress in a meaningful way.

Teacher’s Resource Center provides easy-to-access resources which allow teachers to teach with confidence, and an updated digital package makes creating the perfect lessons effortless.

Three new Student Book reading texts with comprehension activities in Levels 1-6 provide fresh content that will appeal to students. All-new Workbook readings provide additional practice with each unit’s language.

With the same reliable pedagogy, as the 4th Edition together with an enhanced package, Let’s Go 5th Edition will get students talking in English from the very beginning.

Let’s Go 3 Student Book for A2 Flyers

View a sample of the Let’s Go 3 student’s book. Scroll down the PDF and choose the relevant track.

Track 22
Track 23

B Watch the video.

Track 24
Track 25
Track 26