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Section ‘A’ sounds

1 From zero to hero. Playing with the sounds of English

2 Plane, plan. The vowel sounds /eɪ/ and /æ/

3 Back, pack. The consonant sounds /b/ and /p/

4 Rice, rise. The consonant sounds /s/ and /z/

5 Down town. The consonant sounds /d/ and /t/

6 Meet, met. The vowel sounds /iː/ and /e/

7 Carrot, cabbage. Unstressed vowels /ə/ and /ɪ/

8 Few, view. The consonant sounds /f/ and /v/

9 Gate, Kate. The consonant sounds /g/ and /k/

10 He, we, you. The sounds /h/, /w/ and /j/.

11 Kite, kit. The vowel sounds /aɪ/ and /ɪ/

12 Sheep, jeep, cheap. The consonant sounds /ʃ/, /ʤ/ and /ʧ/

13 Lent, rent. The consonant sounds /l/and /r/

14 Car, care. The vowel sounds /ɑː/ and /eə/

15 Some, sun, sung. The consonant sounds /m/, /n/ and /ŋ/

16 Note, not. The vowel sounds /əʊ/ and /ɒ/

17 Thick, they. The consonant sounds /θ/ and /ð/

18 Shut, pull, rude. The vowel sounds /ʌ/, /ʊ/ and /uː/

19 Shirts, shorts. The vowel sounds /ɜː/ and /ɔː/

20 Toy, town. The vowel sounds /ɔɪ/ and /aʊ/

Combining sounds

21 Dream, cream, scream. Consonant groups at the beginning of words

22 Left, lunch, last. Consonant groups at the end of words

23 Wins, weeks, wages. Words with -s endings

24 Rested, played, watched. Words with -ed endings

25 Pets enter, pet centre. Consonant sounds at word boundaries

26 War and peace. Vowel sounds at word boundaries

Section B Stress | Word Stress

27 Saturday September 13th. Introducing word stress

28 Forest, forget. Stress in two-syllable words

29 Second-hand bookshop. Stress in compound words

30 Unforgettable. Stress in longer words 1

31 Public, publicity. Stress in longer words 2

Stress patterns

32 Tea for two. Introducing stress patterns

33 He asked her her name. Pronouns in stress patterns

34 The place is clean. The verb to be in stress patterns

35 What do you think? Auxiliary verbs in stress patterns

36 Some milk and eggs. Pronouncing short words (a, of, or)

Section C Intonation

37 // CHILDREN // DRIVE SLOWLY // Dividing messages into speech units

38 // His sister // who was clever // won. Speech units and grammar

39 // Sorry to disturb you // Introduction to main stress

40 // He will win // Emphasising a contrasting opinion

41 // Schwartz // Pedro Schwartz // Emphasising added details

42 // What do you do? // Main stress in questions

43 // I think you’re in my seat // Main stress for contrasting information

44 // Fifty? // No // fifteen! // Emphasising corrections

45 Bear! Bear? Rising and falling tones

Section D Understanding pronunciation | Speed

46 // Ehm… //Well… // Thinking time

47 // I mean // and just kind of // Unstressed words in conversation

48 Scuba diving course. Listening to connected speech

49 White bread or brown bread? Connected speech sound changes

50 // Do you actually know // Fast and careful speech


51 // The kitchen // the garden // and the grounds // Continuing or finishing tones

52 // It’s about four hours // Sure and unsure tones

53 Do I press ‘enter’? Intonation in instructions

54 // He’s quite rude // isn’t he? Intonation in opinions

55 // It’s • absolutely • stunning // Showing enthusiasm


56 Finders keepers. Accent variation relating to R

57 We had a cat. Vowel sound variation in different accents

58 Rita’s writing a book. Consonant sound variation in different accents

59 Hello I’m from… English from around the world

60 Fairtrade. Pronunciation objectives; clarity or speed

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